Seletar Camp Part 2

My RPs one day like all damn hot, decided to do fatigue work to repaint the whole guardroom cos CNY coming, they decided to make the bloody gloomy & stinky place more cheerful.

Ok, in short, we RPs had a field day oso. The Unit Head oso like quite surprised seeing us RPs so siao on do fatigue work, clear the drains, etc. Saturday somemore, when its the best time to laze. Of cos, after painting and stuff liddat, already like 3pm liaoz. So pretty exhausted liaoz. We decided to turn in early for the night oso, so the whole lot (yes, the whole damned lot of us) slept at abt 2230H. Of cos we locked the gate and stuff plus dat day no DO or what so we all heck.

When all my colleagues are almost like going to sleep liaoz I suddenly heard like the main guardroom (cos our bedroom is in the guardroom, the door walk out is the main guardroom liaoz) like got ppl walking around. I thought my friend still hasn’t sleep yet (but no logic cos everyone sleeping in the same room!) so I walked out and opened the door. The moment I opened the door, the footsteps like disappeared.

I thought it was my imagination until I heard it a 2nd time (and I opened door a 2nd time), 3rd time and 4th time! Each time I returned to bed I heard MORE AND MORE FOOTSTEPS OUTSIDE. Like got a lot of ppl moving and talking (in an unknown language, macam like a mixture oso dunno what) outside!!!! So I decided to open the door suddenly, I tiptoed to the bedroom door and den SUDDENLY OPENED THE DOOR. The footsteps and talking all ceased immediately! Wah lan eh, got freaked out and den closed the door and slept.

As for the dog K? He was sleeping outside the guardroom at the carpark.

Next day when I went home and told my Lao Bu abt it, she said might be those things.

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