Sentosa Colonial Bungalow

One of my friends managed to secure a renovated colonial resort at Sentosa, its those sort of corporate owned mansion actually. Humongous, looks damn old on the outside but the interior was top notch. it had a very very nice view, out of the balcony u can see Siloso Beach. But other then that the surrounding was very very dark and deserted.

Its near to the Sentosa holiday resorts (those with air shelter built in front of them), in fact they were in the same area. I guess some of u guys who visited there should know wad i mean by DARK and SPOOKY..

So we few guys decided to stay for a full week ourselves, the adults left after the 4th day cause they grew bored of mahjong and TV, and being the adventurous pre-teens we were, we decided to explore the surrounding areas.

There was this much larger and dilapidated mansion on top of a hill beside our place, wahaha i think back now and still whack myself for being so daring to enter that place. So we climbed the worn-out tarmac driveway that led to the house. As we climbed, one my our female friends, lets call her C for now. She kept insisting that we turned back cause she’s not feeling that good. So being MACHO guys,we are, we mocked her and insisted she came along (stupid i know cause we ***’t realize gals with period tend to be more vulnerable to those stuff)

So we reached the house entrance,w-ah.. it was at least 2 times the size of our mansion, easily 3/4 of a football field. the windows and doors were bolted up with planks(typical haunted house material, i know) but they were falling off due to old age, imagine how old that house was. for some heavy wood planks to disintegrate by a soft nudge.

We made our way into the house. smelt musty, like ur long-forgotten closet. other then that the house was practically undisturbed compared to others popular haunted spots. no graffiti, no condoms ,no candles and stuff. We explored the entire lobby, yes a lobby. That place is THAT big. we *** dare to climb the grand staircase in the middle cause it was made of and apparently falling apart.

Then i found this table with some objects lying on top right underneath the stairs. some form of altar la except i *** recognize any of the figurines on the altar. So i asked my friend to shine his torch at my direction. What i saw made me almost scream man. The 3 figurines were porcelain toys. like those cutesy little gals. Then we were thinking like.. wtf s-ia. This is getting wrong. What the toys doing in a place like this.

Then suddenly C screamed. haha still surprised i didn’t run sia once i heard that. Bewildered, we asked her wads wrong la. She just closed her eyes and kept saying “i wanna get out of here~~” then this macho jumbo fella in my group asked her sternly what was wrong. She just shook her head frantically and just told us to get out.

And so we did. No doubt puzzled more den scared. Then back at the resort we asked her wad she see, she said that when i asked my friend to shine the torch at the altar, she saw some pale shadowy figure standing right behind the altar. Looking at me and the other guy in front of the altar. And that figure was only a bit taller that the altar. so technically a kid ghost i presume.

Then she tried to look elsewhere cause she was too scared, den she looked up on the 2nd floor staircase. Then she saw a few of those white figures, some big some small all looking down at us. and that was when she screamed. Still managed to make me go after all these yrs. Anyways the place we lived in is no longer there but that mansion on the hill is still there.

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