Haunted Changi Chalet

I had relatives who are working as civil servants who got a bungalow for us during the school holidays a couple of years back. My family went with some of my other relatives.

It was only after the whole chalet was over when i overheard my mum one day talking to my 2nd aunt about some strange stuff. My curiosity got better of me and I nudged the whole story out of my Mum, who revealed that my 2nd aunt saw strange things at the chalet.

My aunt got up in the middle of the night to visit the ladies and on her way there, she saw a large face. The face was smiling benevolently for a split second, then it disappear.

her husband too, while taking a smoke, saw a figure by the pool side which disappear into thin air when he went near.

(my 2nd aunt is a 50ish auntie with 3 grown kids who is very down to earth and dun make up stories, therefore I had no reason to not believe her)

Another Changi story:

A few years back I went to a friend’s birthday chalet (again) at one of the ancient government chalet at changi – near changi village.

Now, this friend of mine had the ability to see spirits, and he had friends who had the same ability too. I was pretty skeptical about all these stuff, but that night I was utterly convinced.

The first thing he told me when i arrived was the chalet is not “Clean”. I’m not very surprised given the area we are in. later on, one of his friend lets call him A arrived. Apparently he’s quite a powerful psychic. anyway he didn’t know anyone there except the birthday boy. After some bo **** chit chat we decided to go up to one of the rooms to play poker.

one of the birthday boy’s friend B, got quite drunk during the game. He is one of those friends who can “see”. After a while we notice he kept staring at the same spot in the room, when there is nothing there. Guy A remarked very casually to B “Don’t keep staring at him, he’s not happy with you”.

At first we (those who cant “see”) have no idea what they are talking about. B got very agitated and was rather loud in wanting to challenge “a him”. Guy A calmly say, “he has been around much longer then you ***, since this place was built”.

At this point of time i started to freak out. So did another mutual friend. The hair at the back of my neck stood on their end. Here are two guys who don’t know each other, talking about someone else in the room whom me and another friend can’t see.

We spend the rest of the night outside the chalet.

I heard from another friend that night that behind the chalet was a tree with a demon living within, controlling the spirits of the occupants who once lived in the chalet (when it was still a colonial house)

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