Haunted NTUC Chalet

I had a weird experience in the NTUC chalet one room type, forgot which block i was in back then. I was 15 years old then and was with a group of girls.  For the first night, we didn’t sleep and wandered around the chalet, and outside. Nothing scary here.. only scared ourselves a few times when we were opening the door as the room is in complete darkness until we place in the card key to turn on the lights. On the second day, after wandering about, we went back to our chalet room, turn on the light, went about doing our things. And then, suddenly “COMPLETE DARKNESS”.  All of us screamed and ran out of the room and one of the braver girls, decided to investigate and realized our card key wasn’t in the switch.

Weird, thought only with the cardkey, the light switch den could be turn on.

Didn’t wanna think much about it, we played till 10plus. My friend went to bed first and sleep on the right most corner of the bed, middle part was taken by another girl friend, so i slept on the right most corner.

on the below bed were 2 of my galfrens playing games. I was trying to sleep by listening to my discman (yea, very long ago story), and it was just classical music and quite loudly played.

And when I was about to slumber, I heard a few knockings on the door. Initially, I turned on my bed, told the 2 girls that there is someone knocking on the door, and I didn’t bother to open my tired eyes when I was telling them.. After a while, the knockings came again. This time it was quite loud. I was thinking, even though i was listening to loud music, i was able to hear the knockings. And why aren’t the girls opening the door?

Then, I got annoyed when I even heard a guy saying “Harlo, is someone there?” so I shouted to my 2 girls that: ” there’s someone outside and why aren’t you 2 opening the door?” Their expressions on their face I could still remembered today. Scared, stunned faces. and they fumbled that they heard NO KNOCKINGS, OR GUYS SHOUTING AT THE DOOR. Then, it as shock overcame me, the lights went off again. I swear, I nv going to sleep in NTUC one room resort again..

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