Sentosa Ferry Terminal

This happened to me just a few days ago, my friends and I decided to spend the day at Sentosa..Being the school break and all..we spent the whole day at Fantasy Island and after having something to eat at Burger King, we left..It was around 7++ in the evening and it was very windy..It looked liked it was going to rain..As it was that time of the was getting dark.

While waiting for the ferry, i was fascinated by the huge clock that faces the i got up and looked over the edge of the terminal..peering into the sea..My eye catched a sight of something under the jetty..From where i was, it looked like a child sitting under it, sitting by the side of the sea..I got jumpy thinking that maybe a kid had fallen into the sea and was stuck..To my surprise, the child stood up and stared at me..I now realised that the child was a girl..She then smiled at me, and waved at me…I was shocked. I called for my friends to come to look..but when they came, the girl disapeared..My friends just thought that i was worn out and did not think much about it..I was confused and could not stop thinking about the girl..

When i got in the ferry, it already started raining..I looked out of the window and i swear i saw the same white flowy dress that the girl was wearing, floating beneath the waves..It then dissappeared under the jetty’s i was not able to see it anymore..I am still wondering who or what i saw that day..Maybe it was the spirit of a troubled soul who was killed during the japanese occupation..I mean sentosa does have its’ history..or maybe a girl had drowned there..who knows??

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