SENTOSA. So unclean…I saw a lot of wandering spirits. Our campfire was located near many trees & an eerie looking friend, S, went hysterical. She suddenly started crying non-stop. When we asked why, she refused to tell till she calm down. She saw 2 or 3 skeletons behind her, near the wall. Another friend A, saw something worst. A & AB were joking wif each other, admiring the night sky. A told AB “the sky so beautiful tonite, so romantic..”then they giggle among themselves. Den A was saying again “the sky so beautiful..AB.. AB…there’s someone at the tree. Really..” AB was saying “ya rite! This is no time for stupid jokes ok?!” A replied, this time trembling, “,i… no…not j…jo..joking. Gg…got one o..old lady h…ha..hanging by a r…ro..rope on tree.” & she continued with a shaky voice “s…sh..she is wa…watching us ha…having campfire.” AB wanted to turn to look but A stopped her. A told AB “Du..Dun’s looking h..h…hERE!!” AB told A “juz ignore her lar…join the campfire, pretend you never see her.”

After campfire, we had nightwalk…we gathered outside Images of Singapore(IOS) & instructor briefed us. They told us to walk in pairs always, & NEVER EVER shine torchlights up the trees. Shine torches near our feets. We were given codes…if any of the instrutors or classmates call us DRAGON, we have to answer CONVENT. Same goes to us, if we saw anybody we recognise we say DRAGON, they have to ans CONVENT. If no answer, or that person neva ask…means they dun belong here…they are wandering spirits. We had codes as we are not allowed to call one another by name. Its not safe. My partner was someone who could feel presences. I could see…so we made a good pair as we could help each other out. We started the walk, we held hands, everytime she felt somethin she will hold my hand tight, i will tell her wher “it” is.

When we walked in front of a horse stable, my partner, AY tightened her grip, sure enuf, i turned to my left, i saw “Her”. She was wearing white, hair covering the face. Juz like SADAKo. I tot it might me a horsetail or wat so i tot nothin of it. But its like as if “she” read my mind & started combing her hair & then disappear to tell me “she” is not a horsetail. “She” is a spirit. I ignored. When we reached the entrance of some “dragon” thing, AY tighten her grip. I saw to our right & left, under the DragoN statue, was 2 dark figures…then while hiking the so called “dunno wat hill” my GoD…so much becos to our right and left were trees & bushes only, & spirits love to hide there. So i saw a lot.

Suddenly the girls in front screamed & the rest behind her screamed too…she tripped on a skull with hair on the head & rolling eyes. She ran but instructors stop her as it was dangerous. My friend, S who went hysterical juz now, started screamin & cryin, squatted down covering her ears. She shouted as us telling us not to scream, she gets terrified by screamings. Nothing happened till we reached the top. There’s a big gap with some metal bars & a staircase leading to a small room. It was said that the gap was where the British hide weapons. We couldn’t see clearly as it was dark. On our way down, i saw a figure sitting down facing somewhere else instead of me so i can’t figure out if its male or female. I took the courage to go there & i said DRAGON…no reply. I said again, DRAGON… again no reply. I was frustrated as the person seem to ignore me & never even turn to look at me…so i raised my voice & said DRAGON!!! At that moment, the figure was abt to turn to look at me but my partner & an instructor came & told me to gather. I left that person alone…as we were abt to walk away i look at the spot again…there was nobody…

In the room my partner ask me “What you doing just now?” I asked “What i do?” then she replied “hello?? You were talking to yourself remember?” I say “no! I where got talk to myself one!” Then she just kept quiet & then whispered something like “I Knew it!” When the camp ended, we were sad, as it was fun though scary, & the guy instuctors were good-looking & cute!

Few days after the camp, AB, FN, Z & i went to climb the mountain ourselves, & there were no dark figures under the Dragon statue, there were no skulls with hair & rolling eyes…but we could see the big gap…from above, the metal bars formation was like formation of candles used during witchcraft, the whole formation look like as if they were arranged in a way like someone was going to practise witchcraft. I went down the staircase leading to the small room. It stinks like hell…smell of decomposed stuffs. But we were wondering…smell of decomposed rat OR… decomposed body…

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