Dragon Trail Sentosa

This was told by my instuctor during the CNB camp. Here’s how it goes….

It was at night and he(Andrew) was preparing for a nightwalk for a group of primary school kids at Sentosa Dragon Trail. As they were still in primary school, they did the night walk as a whole class. So, he proceeded with the walk.

He was as afraid as the students were but as an instructor and being an adult, he has to keep his cool. The night was dark and not much could be seen. He took some glance on his right and he saw some flashes of light but he decided to keep this to himself as he did not want to scare the kids so easily.

During the walk, the other instructors were to play tricks and stuff to scare the kids, trick after trick, the kids screamed and he giggled at himself. At one point of the trail, there are rocks and as he neared the rock which was as huge as 4 men, he saw a shadow of a person behide the rock. Thinking it was another instuctor, Bala, out to scare the kids, he ignored it. As he reached the front of the rock, the huge rock suddenly moved! The figure behide the rock was pushing it! The grinding sound when the rock was pushed against the ground could also be heard! In his mind, he thought “What a great trick! This will sure to scare the children!”

After the walk, he sat together with the instructors and comment to Bala “What a great trick! You really scared them.” Bala looked at him and said “What trick?” Andrew replied “The rock trick! How did you ever think of that? How you managed to push the rock by yourself?” Bala looked at him puzzled. Then Andrew asked another instrctor. “Was it you Jon?” Jon looked at him than looked at Bala in a “Is Andrew crazy” kinda look. Andrew then thought and it struck him~ The rock must have weighted tons! How could a person push it?

The next day, he decided to try himself, he went there with another instructor and both of them tried to push the rock together but it was impossible. He thought that maybe someone used a replica of the rock but it couldn’t be as the grinding sound was so real! Who or what could be the person or thing push the rock?! Who could posess such strength?! I don’t know, do u?

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