The Possessing Experience

Hello, this story happened last year when i was camping with my four friends named Jerry, Kiat Heng, Huili, KuoMin and me, Qun fa. We are all from the same school(CANNOT BE REVEALED).

We were camping at Pulau Ubin. We brought our foods, clothes and guitar. I was the only one in the group to know how to play guitar. I played a few songs and my friends all sang along. After that, we chatted about alot of things. It’s only a few hours later we discovered that Jerry and KuoMin started to talk strangely. They talked about sex and all that. We thought they were just joking so we ignored them. Few moments later, KuoMin said she got a stomachache and wants to find a place to ‘rest’. Jerry said it’s not safe for a girl to look for a place to ‘rest’ especially in the night so he decided to accompany her. The rest of us (Me, Kiat Heng and Huili) sat down there chatting while waiting for Jerry and KuoMin to come back.

It had already been more than half an hour since Jerry and KuoMin were gone. We decided to look for them. On the way near a small hut we saw a tent…

Isn’t that the tent which Jerry brought? We went near it and saw Jerry and Kuomin having SEX inside the tent…both of them were naked! We watch it for ten minutes and out of the blue…they noticed both of us…We watched at Jerry and saw that his eyes were red in colour and we ran off but after running for a long distance, we saw Jerry and Kuomin. They ask where have we gone. We were all very shock and we told them the truth. Both of them were very shock! We quickly packed our things and went home.

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