Night Walk

Well… here’s what actually happened~ i didn’t experienced it but it sorta gave me the creeps~

11th March 2002 The First Day of CNB Camp (for more details of the camp, check out pg 11 of the 13th March 2002 New Paper) I was there, having fun, knowing people and of course looking forward to the night walk which will be held at the Pasir Ris Park Mangrove Swamp at 9pm.

The day went by quite eventfully. After a “boring” but meaningful workshop, it was time for the night walk~All 130 of us students assembled and waited for our turn~ the 1st phrase of the walk was to go in the swamp as a group and stop at the round-about section, our starting point was the well known “haunted” tower.

My group sat on the pathway leading to the tower waiting for our turn and while waiting, we told stories and stuff. Then, it was our turn, even as a group of 20 people, we all still felt afraid, being curious, i looked up the tower and DAMN! I saw a shadow of a human being on top of the tower, dismissing it as my imagination, i continued to walk.

We stopped at the intersection and it was time for the 2nd phrase of the walk, we were to walk thru the bridge in pairs. Nothing happened, the only thing tat scared us were the instructors who posed as ‘ghosts’. The walk ended at the end of the bridge and we had to sit in the dark to wait for the rest of the group to gather, it was already close to 11pm.

Slowly, one by one, the pairs came in. Cher and Sha my friends who supposingly can see things were crying. They told us that while they were walking, they heard ‘people’ running and even scratching noises from under the bridge but as you all know, nothing is under the bridge except the swamp. Another commented of a white ‘thing’ sitting on a tree.

The next night, we gathered together with the instrustors to talk about ghost stories and the instructors told us something which i can’t forget. He told us that he was scolded by the head organiser for continuing the walk when there was a hole in the bridge, but the weird thing was that he doubled checked juz before he let us in and there was no hole!

More evidence came in and it seems like only the last 2 grps, grp 4 and grp 6 saw the hole while the other 4 grps did not see the hole at all! It seems like someone broke a hole in the bridge but it was a solid wooden plank! and it was broken on the side! Most wood would break from the middle if force is present but breaking the plank of wood at the side without making any sound at all needed a lot of strength and is totally impossible! And yet, there was a hole! A hole which was broken from the top down, who could have done that? No one heard or saw anything or anyone breaking the wood and it was not possible for whoever who did that to get away that quickly without anyone seeing as the pairs went in 10min intervals!

That fact really spooked me and our instructor, Andrew told us about his own experience while in the swamp. As the instructors had to station to scare the students, they were to be at certain spots to wait for the students to be scared, at some point of time, they will be alone. So, Andrew was waiting for the students to come. He was looking around when he saw a person walking towards him from his right, he thought it was a student and he got ready to scare him/her but then, reality struck, the students were supposed to come from his left instead! He said that he just stood there and looked as the ‘thing’ came towards him, it stopped just 10m away from him,s tayed there a while and then disappeared. Imagine that! He also said that at one point, there was a pair who went pass him with an extra person! OH GOSH! He got quite a few other experiences on that night alone but i couldn’t remember.

Well… the camp was fun but this really spooked me… He told us to go back in the morning to check for the hole but even in the broad day light, we didn’t dare to… so, if u ppl ever go to the mangrove swamp, help me check for a hole in the bridge~

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