Sarawak Training Camp

This happens to me when i was in a training camp in sarawak…

Me and my frens went to the training camp in sarawak for 9 training days and during the 8th day, we are supposed to have a solo night in the sarawak jungles near our camp with juz 9 matches, 2 jerry cans, a couple of cleaning materials to clean our eating stuffs, and 3 can food and one parang…. and we set out to our various positions in the jungle.

My position was near to a cliff and next to a vast forest ground. And about 20 metres away there was a spray paint thingy on a pile of rocks (dunno wat the hell it was) and juz proceed to set up my camping equipment. We are not suppose to bring any cross or tailsman there….

And Due to the long walk to my own destination, i have not much time to set up camp and juz wrap myself in the BIG canvas sheet used to make a tent and yesh using ONE canvas sheet…

But i juz wrap myself up in the sheet and and spent the night inside the spring roll with 3 cracker and 3 milo and coffee packets. But the thing is that when i am in the roll, i tot the coffee packet is milo packet and i juz pour the whole packet down my throat and cant slp!!!

And i hack care and juz try to slp but during the night there are alot of “hyena” like laugh and wildboar trotting pass me (they step on my leggs) ITS very eerie and try to imagine u cant even see ure 5 fingers infront of u….

And it started raining and my instructor came to see me asking for my condition and i tell him i am okay and he went off… but 15 mins later the “instructor” came back with a kerosene lamp and asked me with a spooky voice “u okaaayyyy???” “i am DAMN OKAY!!!!”” i reply.. and he say” its raining here and u have to pack ure stuffs” “okay!” i reply and stand up and start to follow him without packing my stuffs….

And he started to float towards the deep forest area and vanished! and i am damn stunned…. and thus i sit down and try to think where i am but the real instructor came and say why are u there? I say i got hipnosized by the ghost and he say go to the nearest guy and stay there. I say ok and i found the nearest guy and tell him the story.

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