Shanghai Hotels

This happened few years back in a Shanghai hotel(can’t remember the name). Mum, bro and I decided to follow a tour group since dad couldn’t take leave. As you know, tour agency always tend to change hotels wherever you go on a daily basis.

So during the first night in Shanghai, we took our keys and went up. I already felt eerie when our room was all the inside/corner but everything was fine till then. Meaning when you stepped out of lift, you need to walk to the way straight in till the last few rooms.

We have the habit of knocking on the door before entering to “inform” them. So we did what we supposed to do (unpack/bath etc), instead of sleeping, we decided to went downstairs/nearby to walk around since it’s around 10pm. Before leaving the room, we need to remove the key/card to off TV and lights right?(we did not on the TV throughout, so it supposed to be off all the time) OK so, after we came back and wanna enter the room again, we placed the card on the card thingy to have lights. But this time, the TV auto switch on by itself. It happened twice during our nights in that hotel. We didn’t talk about it and let it passed.

After that the next night in that similar hotel, checked in as usual… All 3 of us bathed finished and decided to watch TV before sleeping. But after about 15mins, we heard water dripping sounds coming from the bathroom(the sound was pretty obvious. It’s like as though someone didn’t turned off completely) but can’t be right? There’s 15mins gap in between but during that timing, there’s no water dripping sounds at all. We looked at each other and suddenly mum asked me to go off it (ya wtf i swear I’m cursing and scolding in my heart ).

We moved to another hotel in shanghai for our last night. This one even worse… Heng i slept like a log so i don’t know. There’s two beds separated with a lamp table in between. I shared the bed with mum, and the another belongs to bro. I’m like facing the another side (window), while mum and bro facing each other.

Because I’m sleeping very soundly, so i don’t know what happened. Next morning in airport, mum told me that last night around 2-3am, she heard a couple mumbling very fast in their own language beside her…. Bro heard it too. It’s like as though the couple was in between the beds (means the lamp table there) we assumed the noise was from other rooms, but no. The distance between each room was pretty far apart. Heng mum only told me when we left.

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