Corpse Underneath The Bed

John checked into the hotel and was quite happy the day had ended early for him. Away and alone on an important business trip, he had wanted some time for himself to explore the city but the thought of getting up early the following day made his postponed his plan.

After a hot shower, he continued to use his laptop to liase with his counterpart back at HQ and update his family on his well being. Unknowingly, it was past midnight and he thought he better retire for the night. He crept into the comfort of the bed quilt and slowly drifted into sleep.

The next morning, John woke up as usual and prepared himself to get ready for the day. However, at the back of his mind he was reminded of a strange occurrence of last night’s dream. The dream took him back to the exact setting of his hotel room, and at the dressing table, was a lady sobbing softly drawing his attention. He cautioned towards the lady and she slowly lifted her head. John stopped at his track.

He could see the lady was trying to talk to him. Her lips were making movement but what came out seem to be of inaudible sound. It was brief, the dream ended just like that. But it lingered in his head throughout the day.

At the end of the second day, John had already forgotten about the incident. He was more than happy to be able to go home soon. He decided to rest early for that night.

As soon as he was turning to deep sleep, he thought he could hear foot steps walking across the hotel carpet in his room and stopped just at his bed side. He decided to ignore as he thought his sleep has blurred his senses. It was then he heard some mumbling at his ear. But it was soft, he could not make out of it. It continued and the mumbling became louder and louder, until John could fully understand what he heard.

“hmm nummmm oommmmmmmmmmm”

In a single jolt, he sprung awake and jumped right out of the bed. His eyes scanned the room but there was no lady. He then did the unimaginable. He lifted his hotel mattress.

His eyes nearly popped out of its sockets. He could not apprehend what he saw. Right underneath his bed, was a corpse which appeared to be bound at hands and feets and the mouth was apparently gagged. However, the corpse was faced down, meaning the back of the corpse was against the mattress. John then ran out of his room and straight to the lobby. He was stammering while trying to explain what he saw in his room. After his words were understood, a team of 4 security personnels on duty were recalled to the reception and thereafter given instructions by the manager to check out the room with the duty manager.

Upon reaching the door, one of the guards opened cautiously and all the furniture in the room was messed up including the carpet. The corpse which John saw was nowhere to be found. John was confused as well as terrified. He then requested one of the guards to stay behind to accompany him to pack up and check out of the hotel immediately.

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