Hospital Wards

When I was doing my psychiatry rotation during my internship, I was on duty on my own, together with one resident. At around 3 a.m., I was in my call room, located in a mezzanine at the psych wards, when I heard loud footsteps going up the mezzanine and then seeming to move around just outside my door.

I ignored it and after a while, the footsteps went thumping back down. After a while this happened again, and then again, occurring about 3x. The 3rd time I heard footsteps going up, I was getting really pikon, because I was trying to finish my census, and thinking it was the resident-on-duty, I called out, “Doctor? Is that you?” There was no answer, so I went out of my room to explore the whole mezzanine area. There was no one there, so I went down the main wards and asked the guard-on-duty stationed just outside the mezzanine door if the resident went up. The guard just looked at me and told me, “sorry doktora, wala naman umaakyat sa call room niyo kanina pang 10 pm eh. Kayo lang ang huling pumasok. Si Doktor nauna pa sa iyo bumalik sa kuwarto niya.”

I checked to see if there was any psychiatry patient who was able to sneak out, but all the patients were present and accounted for. By then, I was getting panicky, and the nurses were already talking about what I heard. So finally I just left that area and begged the orthopedics department to let me sleep in their callroom. Needless to say, I never went back alone to the psychiatry department’s mezzanine area again.

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