Sharing Some Incidents

I want to share with readers an incident that happened during my NS in Lim Chu Kang Cemetery, battalion exercise and my company was going thru the cemetery and it was a full moon night. We halted for a rest and some of my company mates was resting everywhere along the road in the cemetery, when it was time to move out, I remembered walking passed a 2 company mates sitting on the kerb, you can roughly see who they are because of the moonlight but there was another 2 person, dark as shadow and you can’t make out their face features nor uniform. I turned around and asked my 2 IC and he kept mum about it and asked him to stop talking. Until today I do not know if my eyes was playing tricks on me or I was simply too tired since it was a pre-dawn exercise

An story I heard from one of the platoon mates, an exercise somewhere , sorry, can’t remember after so long. The platoon was tasked to secure a track junction and all of the men had taken cover in the thick shrubs at the junction. One of the guys decides to take a smoke break and after he was done, he flick the cigarette butt into the trees behind. That guy then saw the cigarette butt lifting up and as if someone was inhaling the cigarette, and then, the butt was flicked out toward the guy and the whole group came running out of the bushes. Don’t know how true since I wasn’t there.

This story is non NS related, happened in Ubin way before my NS days. a few of us (a group of 7) decided to go camping in Ubin. we arrived on the bumboat and made our way to the NPCC camp site. We found a small area facing the sea and pitched our hammock and tent since night was fast approaching, during the night, around the camp fire we started, we were all TCSS when a huge log came flying onto the tent, a couple of my friend went toward the direction where the log flew from but couldn’t find anyone.

Some of my friend got spooked and we decided to walk to the jetty and hope to find a bumboat willing to bring us back, it was roughly 1-2am, we walked along the road toward the jetty, passing some houses at the verge of the village, we were walking in 2s and I was the 2nd row carrying a hi-fi on my shoulder.. Then the 2 friends infront turned around and asked if anyone could hear baby crying , and the guys on the 3rd row acknowledge it by nodding but me and my friend who was in the 2nd row didn’t heard anything… so we walked as fast as we could and slept at the jetty until the first bumboat came.

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