Slamming Door

Last year, a branch of a family-friendly place popular with NS men and soldiers was undergoing a renovation. But a portion of it was still opened to the public.

There was one night, roughly after 9pm, I needed to use the washroom.

Me and friend drove in from the carpark, and my friend waited in the vehicle.

I went in from the carpark front counter (where there is a cash up top up machine, and a security officer sitting behind his desk), and took a lift up to 2nd floor or 3rd floor where the Chinese restaurant is.

If you guys could recall the layout, once you come out from the lift, you turn right is the Chinese restaurant. You walk further is the public washroom.

During that night, i exited the lift and the air all around me was still and the area was dark. Nobody was on that floor and the restaurant wasn’t opened. It was very quiet and there wasn’t any breeze. I proceeded into the public washroom and unexpectedly, no one was in the washroom.

I proceeded with my business, washed my hands and exited the toilet, heading back to the lift.

As i was about to reach the lift and press the down button, i heard a very distinctly door slamming sound behind me; instinctively, i recognised the sound of cubicle door slamming in the toilet. I frozed for a second but acted nothing has happened, and pressed the “down” button, and waited for the lift to bring me to the carpark. The slamming sound was heard again. It was as if someone was in the toilet slamming a cubicle door hard.

The lift arrived and i calmly walked in and pressed for basement – as the lift door closed, i could still hear cubicle doors being slammed.

I reached the carpark and asked the security officer whether anyone was in the 2nd floor. He looked at me and told me the premise is under renovation, no one is on that floor. I asked him whether is he sure. He then looked at me and asked whether i am alright. So i replied him that 2nd floor perhaps is not very clean. He then gave me a strange look.

I walked back to the car but my friend looked very surprised and commented that i looked very pale and i was drenched with perspiration.

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