Singing In The Jungle

We were on one of our night laagar (can’t remember how to spell this word) and 2 of my men were placed quite a distance away from the vehicle as lookouts. Some distance ahead of them is a knoll.

In the dead of the night, the PS was walking with one man towards their post to check on them when suddenly they heard someone singing and it is not in a language they recognized. Immediately, their hair stood. They stopped and tried to listen again and the singing stopped. And it started again, and tracing the direction of the singing, it seems to be coming from the direction of the knoll near where the forward post is.

So my PS told the other guy, “Let’s get the 2 of them out of there. But if we see 3 people instead of 2, don’t alert them.” So they slowly make their way towards the 2. All this while, the singing didn’t stop. When they were near their post, thankfully, they could only make out the silhouette of two person. So the PS make a ‘psst’ sound and whispered out, “Paul (not his real name), come here.”

So Paul went over to them and my PS asked them if they heard the singing? Paul said no, their side very quiet. It is incredibly creepy because the post is supposed to be near the knoll and the ones there didn’t hear it while the PS and the other guy heard it. So my PS told him to quickly pack up and head back.

Once back at the vehicle, he puff his cigarette non-stop and told us what happened.

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