Something In Photo

I have a ghostly encounter to share too. I was a band member back in my secondary school days and one fine night me and my band were outside Victoria Concert Hall waiting for our buses to arrive. Well, we had a concert earlier on and it’s time to head back to school. VCH closed really fast! once we were out of the hall with our instruments and barang barang, they closed the gates when the crowd were cleared. Of course when we were bored we took photos.

Two of my band friends had the gate as a background and both of them were smiling to the camera. i was near the camera girl and then she suddenly exclaimed “hey you all look at this!” She showed us a photo with a similar background which is perfectly normal and then changed to the latest photo. There was a purplish elbow on the top right hand side of the corner. Initially we were wondering could be somebody who accidentally stood in the picture (coincidentally our band uniform is long sleeved and white) but clearly there wasn’t any crumpled sleeve (how it look lik if you were to bend your elbow).

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