School Camp Gone Wrong

My incident happened about 2.5 years ago, stay over in the school for camp. First night was fine. Second night we have a full dress performance drill for the seniors and the union heads etc. Everything went so normal and fine UNTIL!!!

Until we were told to go change for the performance. Most of the girls were changing on the first floor. The guys and a few girls were on the second floor. The people on the first floor were done 5mins earlier than the ones upstairs. So we waited. SUDDENLY!!! *deng deng deng deng~!!!* Okay Suddenly we hear them screeching at the top of their voices and literately stomping down. We were so taken aback. One of the Malay guy shouted really seriously, and sternly, “RUN! RUN TO THE CAR PARK!”

The nannies who were taking care of us insisted to know what happen and did not run yet. “I SAY GO!!! RUN LAH!” Normally we don’t talk to our nannies like this, and the Malay guy really seem serious. So the nannies ran the same way we did. We were all instructed to go back to the clubhouse and stay there. The seniors were sent there.

A lady (R, one of the performers), we noticed were not with us. After a good 10mins, ALL of them came back. We were told discreetly not to talk to R, nor have eye contact with her. It was really straining. Everyone was scared. Okay, i was the most HUM there. Cried and all. Really like a bloody mouse. Heh. R kept looking at me, and they keep urging me to stop behaving scared cox all the more she’d want to disturb me. So i sat down somewhere FAR behind her, DAMNIT, HOW TO NOT BE SCARED?! SHE BLOODY TURN BACK and gave me a cunning smile. EERIE cunning smile.

So when it was R’s turn to perform, she didn’t do what she was supposed to, she did a HOT DANCE instead. A really HOT dance. And meanwhile she keep mingling around with people, behaving like.. a loose woman. Just very not herself. And then BLOODY HELL. After the individual performance, THEY NEED TO HAVE A POOL DANCE….. “Everybody get into the pool dance and shake it off~” So. She keep coming to use me as her ‘pole’. I was literately standing still and shivering. Everybody saw. And my partner had to come to pull her away from me.

So people got too scared and the night walk had to be canceled. And she was isolated from us. It took 11 men to pin her down. They say there were more than one ‘thing’ inside. There were three. One of them is a kid. The Malay guy who could see and sense things, he went home right that night after the woman calmed down.

Best thing, she didn’t know a thing at all.

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