My Haunted School

When i was in my secondary school, our campus was shifted to a temporary school area to use. Before that, two schools had used that area and they said it’s eerie, as heard from my friends. Anyway, during my secondary four year, we had an art camp for us to stay overnight to finish our art coursework for O levels. So at around 3am, most of my friends already fell asleep, while a minority are still doing their art. I was reading a magazine and decided to get myself a drink from the canteen, which is just opposite the art room but i have to cross the parade square. Most of my friends were sleeping so i decided to go alone quickly. When i was at the vending machine, i actually saw someone standing at the side in home clothes(all of us were wearing home clothes). So i thought she wants to get a drink too so i quickly insert the coins but when i hit the button, no drink was dispensed. I hit the button after a few times then it came. It took like 10 minutes so i wanted to apologize to that girl but when i turned, no one was there. I asked my friends who were still doing their art if anyone came back, but they said no. They said they only saw me alone in the canteen. I was so afraid, i quickly finished my drink and went to sleep. I woke up next day morning, feeling dizzy and cold. My classmates said my face was pale, like “lian qing chu bai” like that. =/

When i was in lower secondary, i think sec 2, i was very playful and curious about supernatural stuff. So my friends and i played “die xian”, something like coin fairy whereby you guys place your fingers tip on the coin and asked questions and coin will move itself. It really moved! No one moved it cause we were all damn afraid and we asked questions like, “our IC no” and it moved ! We don’t know each others IC no and when the person’s IC asked, she/he will close his eyes. So after a few times, we all get afraid and scared but there’s still the curiosity in us and we were like, hooked up to the game. Actually, a lot of things happened when we played that game. One of my friends behaved very strangely suddenly and kept telling us that she saw a young girl, tying two ponytails, running past her class. Sometimes, she would cry suddenly and scream and looked pale. For me, i heard noises at night, little girl’s laughter at my ears and i saw figures in my room and sometimes, i feel that they touched me or was sitting on me! I was damn afraid that time and kept asking my mum to sleep with me. We tried to stop playing the game cause we’re damn freaked out but we were kinda like addicted that kind. Really scary. Regretted totally cause i went almost bonkers that period, cause i was afraid of everything, i kept thinking people following me, people talking to me and at night, i would start crying cause i am afraid. Friends would accompany me on phone till my parents’ home, as they are home after 11pm. It was after that, when i became a Christian, everything stops.

This one actually only have eerie feeling but not yet any strange encounters. My old school campus, before moving to the temp one mentioned in 1), was kinda eerie. When we were playing in our classrooms, some guys ran around the corridor of the level and noticed another secret downstairs, which was locked. The whole class went to see and the staircase would lead you down to a female’s toilet. It was not used and rumors said that a girl committed suicide and strange things happened so they closed the toilet. When we asked our teachers about it, they denied about having a secret staircase and we know that they are hiding things. It feels very weird and strange whenever i looked down.. eerie!

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