NPCC Camp Walk

My NPCC friend told me this story. The NPCC had their camp before us, and during one of the nights, they had a night walk. There are many stations in the night walk, and they screened a horror movie before dispatching their juniors to the first station of the night walk. During the course of the night walk, the seniors realized that the juniors are beginning to go in teams to each of the stations. (you’re supposed to go one by one). Others skipped stations that they thought was scary..

So the seniors went out of the place they were stationed in, and gathered the other seniors to discuss how to punish the juniors (they did not instruct the juniors to gather). When they finally decided, they split up and went about to ask every juniors to gather at the canteen. This particular senior found a junior crying and shivering.. he accompanied him back to the canteen, and gave him hot milo to calm him down. He then asked him why he cried, his reply was “when I entered, I heard the toilet bowl being flushed repeatedly. I thought it was the seniors playing with me so I opened the toilet door but I found no-one inside. Then, the tap water started flowing.” The toilet he was in is the female toilet behind the hall.

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