Infamous Ghost Stories

When I was studying in Singapore Poly and there was plenty of infamous ghost stories. Singapore Poly is one of the oldest Polys around. I was in 1 of the main academic clubs and always had a lot of after school activities such as orientation camps and overnighters, events etc.

For those of you who used to study in Singapore Poly, you might know that the poly had skipped some Blocks numbering. There’s a T11 (pre-war era building) located behind Student Affairs Center, T12 (newly built), T14 (existing block) all but no T13 (another pre-war era building). It was said that the T13 building was used by the Japanese during the occupation and its too “dirty” when the school took over the campus, so they have to demolish it. In place of T13 is now the Tennis Courts.

Other haunted areas in the SP are the infamous “Red Bridge” linking T21 & T22, someone got post the story on that before in KT (search for it). MLT2 also is considered “dirty” which was rumored to have had a student committed suicide inside which was also recently pulled down. The old workshops W6, W7, W9 & W10 which used to housed the mechanical engineering workshops are also said to be haunted as well which are also demolished to make way for the new T11 & T12 facing Dover MRT. The basement area of T14 & T15 which houses the Chinese Orchestra Club and SP band also used to be very dark and not well lit also said to be haunted. Lastly, another pre-war building located on the hill which houses the SP teacher’s childcare center located at Carpark E is also “dirty”.

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