Spooky Encounters

1. Was in Tekong BMTC School 2, Leopard Company back in the early 2000s. I’ve heard numerous army ghost stories from seniors prior to enlisting, so needless to say I was a bit nervous about potentially encountering such things when I enlisted.

2 weeks into BMT, I was trying to get some sleep after a tiring day of foot drills and SOC. As I was drifting off, I distinctly heard whispering that seemed to emanate from the wall behind the head of my bed. I thought it was the guys from the next door bunk that were chatting and didn’t give it too much notice. This continued over the next few nights and when I asked the guys next door in the morning, they denied they had been chatting at night. At this point I was quite freaked out thinking that I may have been hearing “things”.

Then on this one night as I was preparing to turn in, I heard the whispers again. This time I turned to my buddy in the next bed and asked: “Bro do you hear whispering?”. He didn’t answer so I asked again in a slightly louder voice. And he turned around and went “Whaaat?”. That’s when I saw it.

He was holding a handsfree mic and his handphone under his blanket. The bugger had been secretly chatting with his gf over the last few nights.

2. During BMT, I had a good friend/classmate who enlisted in the same batch as I did and was posted to Mohawk Company (located in the adjoining wing in the same block). We bumped into each other quite often and took the chance to catch up whenever we could.

One night in BMT, I woke up to go pee and as I was making my way groggily to the toilet, I heard the sound of marching and voices singing army tunes some distance away. I remember thinking it was odd as it was probably 1 or 2am but went ahead to do my business and head back to bed.

The next day, I bumped into my friend from Mohawk and we were just chatting. Then he asked me this question: “Eh not to sound weird, but did you happen to hear marching last night?”. Was surprised he heard it too and I said I did. We commented how strange it was as we didn’t know of any other company that was doing night training. Later on in the day, I remarked the same to my sergeant. He gave me a strange look and said no one was scheduled for night training the day before.

3. I had a Malay bunkmate back in BMT who was arrowed to do guard duty as us Chinese had gone home for the CNY holidays. When we returned to Tekong after the break, I overheard him telling another platoon mate that he had seen something during his guard duty.

Apparently during prowling, he and his partner were making their way past the running track. As some of you might remember, the track was pretty much next to the sea with a footpath running next to the coastline. While they were heading back to the guard post along this path, he was looking out at sea towards the mainland longingly when he spotted something weird.

There was this small stunted tree that was growing out of the rocks lining the shore back then. I remember seeing it each time we had to do our 2.4 run. So this guy said he saw a vague humanoid figure in pale white, sitting on top of this tree facing out towards the sea. Pretty much pissed himself at that point and he dragged his partner back to the guard post in a hurry. The guard commander asked them why were they running and he recounted the sighting. The guard comm replied “Oh you saw it too ah? Nvm you all just go rest first.” The next pair on prowler duty didn’t see it though.

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