Hide And Seek

The top floor(level 6) of my bunk building is usually empty unless there are overseas troops coming in to stay. One night, we feel damn boring, so the lot of us drivers, around 10+ of us decided to go level 6 to play hide and seek since no one is up there during that period ( yes, we all jokers kind ). Not sure about bunks nowadays but during my time, it was basically a damn long corridor with numerous rooms on both sides and the top of the room walls are usually openings with metal mesh for ventilation.

So, we went up and as expected, the whole corridor was dark with only light from both ends of the long corridor… perfect for hide and seek. Me and another guy from different bunk were the 1st pair of catchers as we feel it’s safer to have a pair together. As we opened all the rooms one by one in the darkness, i saw two shadows proning on the floor around 2 bunk rooms length ahead of us…knowing that those jokers confirm is waiting for us to walk there and waiting for the chance to pull our legs and scare us, i shouted one of the guys’ name from my location and say i saw him…

No response from the two shadows at all, so i waited for awhile, not gonna give them chance to scare us. At that moment, i heard a heavy breathing just beside my ears, like trying to make those scary sounds, i jitao laugh out loud and say “lj lah! J***n! No need to scare me by doing that lah, you and whoever is on the floor faster get up, i caught you already” Luckily that joker got up and walk towards us giving a stupid smile. When he reached our side, i laugh and say “knn…you think give me heavy breathing beside my ears, i will scare? Then who’s beside you? Why haven’t get up?”

He looked at me with a blur look and said the following sentences…” i so far from you, how i breath heavily beside you? And there’s no one beside me….” Realising what happened, we say out our codeword loudly to tell the rest to end the game immediately .( we have a codeword in case of shiat like this happen ) And true enough, we didn’t see anyone getting up from the area where there was supposed to be one person after accounting for all present. That was the last time we played hide and seek there.

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