Tekong Camp 1

My BMT was in Tekong at Camp 1 during the Mid-90s. And I was posted to the infamous Charlie Coy PL10. Didn’t experience anything remarkable there in my recruits days, only saw a family of wild boars during one of me guard duty prowling rounds on the way to the infamous SOC grounds. The 3-door bunk was diagonally opposite mine. Only strange thing I saw/experienced was the bunk doors of the 1st bunk for my platoon had a pair of 3d stickers of Buddha stuck on them. 2nd strange thing was that my PC and all the platoon instructors bunk with us on the first night before the rest of the company enlisted following day.

I have returned to Tekong during my MP conversion course and had to set up my MG in the middle of an oil palm plantation that was pitch dark behind me. Luckily we failed that mission 15 minutes after it started because of a cockup in my detail.

The most happening event was during my ICT many years ago. My unit shared the Malay School with OCTs during our exercise there, sleeping in separate buildings. We completed our exercise early one night and turned in to rest. A few of us were woken up early in the morning about 3+ by a commotion in the next building.

We saw some OCTs and their instructors running up to a Land rover which just sped into the Malay School compound and heard some crying coming from inside the Land Rover.

Our Conducting Officer (who was a regular) went to check with his colleague from OCS who was driving the rover. There were lots of shouting inside and outside the rover and even louder crying from inside the Rover. Our Conducting Officer’s face turned grave after talking to the OCS instructors and saw the few of us kaypoh from the windows of our “bunk”. His face turned damn black and signalled us to go back to sleep.

The next evening before dinner, he shared with us what happened. He said got some OCTs yaya papaya never show the forest respect. Want to pee in the jungle also never say excuse me first. One of the OCTs was peeing halfway when he looked down to the spot where he was peeing and he saw a pair of red angry eyes looking back at him from the spot his pee was landing. Before he could say a word he felt /saw some sort of a hairy troll jumped up and slapped him.

His buddy saw the slap by the creature and the creature disappeared into the woods. Both OCTs were evacuated to mainland and the one who kena slapped had one side of his face red and swollen till he couldn’t open his eye on that side for a few days we heard.

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