Spooky Nite

I would like to share a short story since everyone here loves a little scare!

I’m a baker who worked in hotel. For your information, bakers have shift work that include night shift. I used to worked for a 5 stars hotel in the south(state and name of hotel will be protected) for about 5 months. It is common that in night shift work, you will experience all sort of unexplained situations to the extent you feel foolish when you related what had happened to other living souls.

Before I start my graveyard shift, I remembered what my junior baker told me or rather complained to me that he had enough of night shift duty because of constant disturbance in the kitchen and he felt scared because he works alone as on our floor, only our kitchen is in operation while other kitchens are closed for the night.

I quizzed him what happen and he told that he heard his name was called, utensils he prepared for works disappeared, I tried to reason with him, perhaps it was the cleaner who came in do cleaning and misplaced it? He said ‘no’ because he locked the door. And the last straw was when he heard a soulful singing by a man, clear and loud!

To spare him any further misery, I changed shift with him. For the first few nights nothing unusual happen, everything was a breeze until my fourth night, I heard singing by a man too. It was distant and beautifully sang…wow…I don’t mind to hear it again. So every morning at 6am, we will deliver all our baked products to the destination outlets. At my second week one morning, I was pushing trolley filled with breads and pastries and happily singing down the corridor. The corridor’s light are dim down to save cost, as you walk passed there you will feel like running away quickly as though you are being watch or chase. As I almost reach the end of the corridor, my trolley was suddenly jerk backward and I was push hard from the front as though someone kicked me. Lo and behold I sprawled on the floor with my head spinning and my chest pain as hell. I was shocked beyond words.

Next thing I knew, it is the night security pak cik who came to my rescue. He looked as stunned as I was and he mumbled some verses too. According to him, he saw what happened to me at the CCTV in his office which he showed me later. What I saw was indeed spooky and intriguing. The video showed me pushing the trolley down the corridor and all these while there is a hazy shape and colorful orbs floating mid air following and darting around me until the moment of attacked.

That morning itself after work, I went straight to church for prayer and be cleansed with holy water. I couldn’t sleep well for weeks till it affected my health. Thank God that i have strong sound mind to think clearly and not loose my senses.

Come to think of it, I always felt the hotel appeared to be gloomy and felt ‘heavy’. Well for 5 months its a unsettling experienced I ever had.

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