Spooky Sunglasses

I was on a school trip and was headed to Genting’s First World Hotel. I was there for 5 days, and it all happened on the 3rd night. So, let’s call my 2 friends Nina and Denise.

During the evening, my 2 friends and I decided to go to the lobby and just do some window shopping, but we went to the local ‘Singapore souvenir shop’, and they took a liking to a few sunglasses there. I didn’t buy one, but they both bought one each. We went back up to our rooms respectively. I was rooming with Nina.

Denise decided to come over to our room later at night, around 9 plus. Well, she brought her sunglasses along as well. The 3 of us were on the bed, with myself, Nina, and Denise seated from left to right. I took Nina’s sunglasses and started toying with it, after she went off to the toilet to take a shower. The lens of her sunglasses were facing me, and I tilted it to the right, where there was this open-air metal bar with a few hangers on it (Note: There were no clothes being hanged there)

To my god damned horror, there was this white figure hanging from the hangers. I could vividly see the shape of her tattered white gown and long disheveled black hair, which was covering her face. Yes, a woman. I threw the glasses towards Denise, who was still on the bed with me. She got a fright and asked me what happened. I told her everything, and I remembered being so hysterical about it. She didn’t believe me, of course, since nothing was on the hangers when seen with the naked eye. Trembling badly, I took the sunglasses again and tilted it slowly. It was gone.

She laughed and told me to stop scaring her, but I was so badly shaken that I didn’t dare to even get out of bed. Minutes later, Nina got out of the shower, and I told her what happened. She, too, laughed about it and told me it was probably the reflection. (Note: The second time I tilted it, she was gone) I felt soooooo wronged.

While Nina was blow drying her hair, I turned to Denise and she looked really pale. She looked at me and told me, “I saw her too.” I also noticed that her sunglasses were on the floor.

“I saw her against the curtains.” Denise said. The curtains were brown and it was drawn. She started describing to me her features, and they matched with mine. We were both so badly shaken. Nina still didn’t believe us.

That night, Denise went back to her room, leaving Nina and I alone. She was fast asleep by 10:30, but I was still wide awake beside her, trembling. Despite being someone who loves anything horror, this is the first time I’m actually trembling. The whole room felt really creepy and eerie.

After that trip, and a few months later, Nina told me that her sunglasses cracked for no apparent reason. It was neither crushed nor thrown to the floor. Not sure if it was the room, or the sunglasses, but this is one ghostly experience I’ll never forget.

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