Spooky Tales Part 2

I am continueing this story to the last one which is also titled the same as this one.

When I was living in the all girls’ hostel , I was not the only one who experienced the knockings.My friend , whose name was Ayrin also had some strange encounters. Her room was in fact at the very end of the corridor , if you were to open her room door you would immediately see the door to the stairs of the music rooms on the left.

Anyway , I am not sure if she’s that kind of person who really believes in such things. I told her about the knocking incident as I was actually hoping it was not just my imaginations. SHe told me that one night she was awaken to someone singing beside her bed. She felt as if someone was waking her up. Well, she awoke and found her digital alarm clock staring at her it was 12am sharp.She didn’t think much of it and went back to bed.However a few nights later she was woken again by someone singing beside her.Ayrin told me she saw someone kneeling beside her bed looking at her.She looked at the alarm clock , she recalled it was 12am.

We were not quite sure what we had experienced , but it was quite a scare. The corridor is really freaky , it is long and dark , especially at night.

Ouijia Board

A few friends of mine who were living in the hostel at the same time I was played around a home made ouijia board.I am not very sure of what happened but apparently they said that a spirit was summoned and his name was Robert or Roger. He made a comment about what is going to happen to one of my friends.Well in fact the incident actually happened , it turned out to be a very big bitch fight and a few of my friends stopped talking to each other. I am not sure how true this incident was but I was not involved with the ouijia board and I advise people out there not to mess with these things.It can get very ugly.

White dress

This happened to me last year during my final year of college.I was moved again to another senior wing of the building.I shared the room with this other girl named Sheena.It was around 11 pm or so into the night and the lights were already out and we both had out study lamps on.Sheena was in the toliet at that time (there was not toliets in the room , we had a common shared toliet in another corridor) and I had the our room door wide open.I was on my way back to my room from the kitchen after making my coffee (our room was right beside the kitchen and there is a glass door to be opened before one can get into the corridor where my room was)

Anyway , I was already in my room with my door wide open.I was going to shut my door when I saw someone wearing a white dress moving quickly and very quietly to the kitchen.One strange thing was that everytime you open the kitchen there , there was bound to be a sound from the glass panel , no matter how softly you open it.But when I looked at the door the was no sound , it was just as I left it.I walked into the kitchen , there was no one there either.

Another incident which happened to me when I was in the toliet washing up before going to bed. I actually saw the same figure darting into one of the toliet cubicles , no one was in the toliet at that time. After I finished I was about to check if the person was still in the toliet but when I checked there was no one.I did not see anyone going out.I was alone.

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