St Hildas Sec (Girl’s Brigade)

Last year when i was in sec 2, we had a gb camp, and I regret going for it. The camp was held at gb headquaters. The camp was 3 days 2 nights. On the first day, we had lots of hard training and some games. Every night we had to sleep by 10pm. On the first night, me and some of my friends could not sleep, so we decided to talk. Then one of my friend wanted to go to the ladies so we accompanied her. We got out of bed, asked the teacher for permission and walked to the toilet. There was about 5 of us altogether. My friend went into the toilet as the 4 of us waited for her outside. We were enjoying the cool breeze as we were talking.

Suddenly one of my friend there started to shout. We quickly looked at the direction she was looking and to our horror, we saw a lady dressed in white hanging from a tree with her tongue sticking out. We were so scared that we ran all the way back to our bunk. We told the teacher about what we saw. We were so scared that we forgot about our friend in the toilet. We asked the teacher to accompany us to the toilet to look for her. When we got there, we saw her on the floor. We also saw some white cloth in her hand. We were so scared that we immediately left the camp the next day. We rushed our friend to the hospital.

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