The Haunted School

Hey, everyone here is one of my story that will freak u out when u go for u school camp. This was what me and a few of my friends saw and heard about during our sec one camp. We wanted to have a a teasure hunt at night and I was walking at the back with a few of my as we want to chat with one another. But when we want pass the basement of our school somethng caught my eyes, a man like creature with two bright red eyes was staring out for the basement door.

I wanted to call my friends to check it out, but when we reach there, its already gone. My friends all thought that I had saw that ” Thing ” but I do not want to believe their words even though I heard alot of rumours about our school and it is considered one of the most haunted one in yishun.

That is not the end of my story. When we passed the Home Econs Room I heard sound of knives chopping and cooking of food, I turned and ask my friends if they heard anything but they did not hear anything. They determined that there is no such things as ghost. Not till when we walked pass the staircase of the D&T block the group leader asked us to walk two by two. As it is to said that if three person walk together at that staircase something bad will happen to the middle. But I do not believe in her words and walk in the middle, Suddenly I blacked out and was carried back tour room. So after every thing that happen to me I strongly believe in ghosts. So do u all still think that having camp at school is fun?

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