Stop Laughing!

This happened to me when my family just shift to our new current house. I was still very young at that time and i know nothing much. Here is the story, when we just shifted in, my mum had just gave birth to my little brother, I remembered I was going to the toilet to pee when I saw a white figure looking at the mirror, at that time I was young and I know nothing so i called out for ‘it’ and ‘it’ turn its head and look at me. ‘it’ face was white and i somehow thought it was my mum ( you know most parents like to put the mask on them to make their face having less pimple )

I then ask ‘it’ to wash her face ( It’s a Lady ) and she just laugh, keep laughing. I was quite angry thinking that she was laughing at me, so i shout at her “Stop laughing!!!” .

She just keep on laughing and that’s when my mum run to me and ask me who I’m talking to. I pointed out to “her” who was still laughing. i can’t remember what happen next but it seems like my mum bring me out from the toilet.

After a few days my mum called a medium to check what was inside my house. My mum was shock to hear that my house was a path for the spirit. Until now i sometimes still can see shadow figures around the corner running around.

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