Stray Dog Sobbing

This incident happened about a few weeks after I moved to my new house situated just across the Jalan Bahar Civil Defence Camp.

I don’t recalled the time exactly; all I know was I’m dead beat cuz I went home late that day doing some stuff. All I remembered suddenly was my mom knocking furiously at my door. She sounded mad at first and I thought it was because I slept with the radio on. When I opened the door, she started questioning me why I was sobbing so loudly and I denied.

The creepy thing was that while she was talking to me, we heard the sobbing again and when she crept to my window, she saw a tiny little dog the size of a chiwawa looking back at her with red eyes. The sobs sounded like a human’s cry and my mom said that its eyes actually look right at her, like it knew she was watching.

My mom told me to sleep with my sister that night and before closing the window, she recited some holy verse, just as she finished reciting it, the sound ended.

Puzzled? I am too. Till now, I tried to convience myself that it was just my neighbour’s dog, but I do not have any neighbour’s yet. But probably its just a stray dog who lost its way up to the fifteen story asking for help? Hmmmm, creepy.

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