Tales From Camp

I was surely looking forward to joining the army, you see I am the “gung ho” type and I simply love army life. I was doing my BMT in a training school in the northern part of Singapore. I was posted to a very active company and even so my platoon was even so active. They were really expecting all of some to join the Commandos. I loved it. We had great relationship in the platoon especially within my section (Just for information: A Company is has about four Platoons, a Platoon is made up of three or four Sections and a Section has about twelve men). As soon as we got ourselves into the routine of everyday Army life, we started hearing stories of strange happenings within our company.

We heard that in the first platoon one of the guys sleeping in a bed was thrown onto the floor in the night and the metal cupboard beside that bed shakes and sounds of claws scratching for the inside could be heard. They decided not to use that bed and cupboard but the scratching sound could be heard on and off. Then we heard more incidents from the second platoon (the one next to mine: I was in the third platoon). One of them was going to the toilet one night and as he was there he saw a small boy with a ball asking him if he wants to play with him. He could not believe his eyes and rushed out and took cover in his bed. The fourth platoon was not spared too. As one of the guys was sleeping and he tossed about in his bed and as he turn himself to the face the other side, he saw the small boy looking at him. He freaked out and hid himself under the sheets until daybreak.

What can I say, my platoon was not spared by these filthy evil spirits. One of my mates from the first sections of my platoons heard marching sound across his bunk and he dared not to take even a peek. In my section (the crazy gang, they called us) things happened too. Every night I would wake up at around three in the morning, but I would just go back to bed without any trouble. I did not know that the rest of the eleven guys were having the same thing but they found it hard to go back to sleep. We did not know about this much later when SOMETHING HAPPENED in my bunk…

It was a week before Christmas and we booked in early as we were preparing for a field camp the next day. We were bashed by out officers and NCOs for almost three hours before we were allowed to return to our bunks to sleep. It was already half past one and we had to rise at four so we quickly turned in to get so much sleep as possible. SUDDENLY we were awaken by a loud scream, in an instant I knew something is terribly wrong. I turned on the lights (as I was in the first bed and the switch was near me) and the rest of the guys in my platoon were jolted out of their slumber. We saw Bernard shouting and holding on to his neck as if something was strangling him. You could see in his eyes that he was not in control. Another friend and me rushed to hold him; he brushed away our hands and rushed to the balcony. He wanted to jump!!! His one leg was already on the ledge! We had no time to think, we rest and grabbed him and pinned him to the ground. He was still screaming and it took ! about eight of us to hold him there. As I held him, I called out to him and suddenly he stopped screaming but was still totally dazed. So my NCOs came. By this time, he was calm but very afraid and daze. He refused to go back to his bed. My NCOs decided to take him to their room to rest there until morning. My whole platoon was shaken by what had happened especially by bunkmates. They kept asking me what happened, as they know of my faith in Jesus and all. I told them that Bernard was possessed. I was never seen anyone so shaken up as these guys were. They decided to get their mattresses together in the middle of the room to sleep together. I declined the offer as no stinky demon is going to rob me of my sleep. Some even wanted to sleep near me. That’s how they slept for the next number of weeks.

The next day we were off to our field camp and the news spread like wild fire. Bernard was sent to the hospital for a week. Then we tried to out together the events that took place. This is what happened before we all woke up. Voon my super weirdo (he was an artist, you know how artist are, right but he was a great mate) bunkmate was sewing something under a flashlight when the above incident took place. It was two in the morning and all of a sudden Bernard rose from his bed like they do in vampire movies. He appoarched Voon but he was staring right through him. Voon called Bernard but was not responding at all. That’s when Bernard started to scream. Voon was so freaked out that he did not trying waking us in the same bunk but dashed out to wake the guys in the fourth bunk.

After our field camp, my officer called me and my two other friends to his office. You see, we were close to our Officer and only three days before Bernard was possessed we were tell him that Bernard has been acting strange. Our Officer told us to keep an eye on him but three days later… these things happened. He was asking us what do we think happened to Bernard (He wanted to find out if he was trying to put an act to get out of the army or so). I told him that this is a spiritually matter and that he was possessed (My whole platoon knew I was a Christian). After a week, Bernard returned from the hospital and he was okay by then. He was back to normal self. We took the opportunity to find out from him what had happened that night. He told us that as he was sleeping, he saw an angry face staring at him just above him. Then he could not remember anything there after. He also told us that it was not the first time that he saw that face. He saw it a few weeks before (Note: That’s! when Bernard started to acting beside himself and that’s what we told our Officer about). It seems that the evil spirit had targeted him made him very nervous and jumpy before it possessed him. We all gave him all the support as a platoon, but he was not allowed to fire the rifle after that incident lest should fire at himself or someone else.

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