Tekong Stories

At the Camp 3 ammo dump, I once did my patrol on guard duty with a buddy during my BMT in 1986. Every time we passed under one of the light post, that light will go out. Happened to us every round when we walked under it. Really spooked my buddy because of the things we’d heard about the ammo dump. But me being a skeptic at that time, I dismissed it as some electrical problem most likely.

Another inexplicable situation in Tekong during my time there was that somehow, there were no night trainings scheduled on Thursday nights. There were some stories going around concerning this, most of it propagated by instructors, but I don’t know how much of it was real. However, I did observe that somehow on these Thursday nights, the island’s wild dogs would gather and sometimes howl in the parade square. The howls were rather spooky to hear that’s for sure.

Years later, my reservist unit dug-in in Sungei Gedong (near where the Japanese landed in WWII) during one of our exercise. During the night, I got up and went to pee, said the usual prayers (better be safe than sorry) and halfway through, I sensed some people watching me. I thought the men were up to some mischief because I had found some of them spooked and huddling together earlier on as they said they could smell the scent of certain flowers, which was supposed to mean that a ‘pontianak’ was lurking nearby. Also, there was a medium (tangkee) amongst one of them, who was held by them to be knowledgeable in such matters. Anyway, I decided to check out who were spying on me while I was peeing. I approached the dense foliage and saw three ‘faces’ staring at me. On closer inspection, I realised they were actually 3 large CB leaves that were gently rustling, reflecting some of the moonlight. In the dark they really appeared like faces staring at you.

Now, this is not to say that supernatural things do not exist. As I get older, I have come to adopt a more open mind to all things in Life. The closest I ever got to seeing a ghost was an incident during my teenage years. It still puzzles me to this day.

I was 14, and together with 4 other adventurous and curious friends, we went to check out the ‘happening’ at Clifford Pier (aka Ang Teng Beh Tao). During that time, there were many Thai prostitutes soliciting there and it was a buzzling place after dark. On our way home, we used the underpass tunnel near the Anderson Bridge. It was way past midnight and the underpass was deserted. While we were in the underpass, there was a person (I could only presume it was a lady) in white ragged dress/sheets cuddled up and sitting on the floor, face buried between her knees (luckily for that we did not get to see the face) with very grey and long hair, almost white, covering her face, hands and knees. Naturally, without speaking a word between us, but in unison, we just took flight and ran for what seemed a long long time. Up till today, I do not know if that ‘person’ was simply a destitute, someone out to play a prank, or something supernatural.

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