Teban Gardens Road Blk 18

This story happened 1 year ago.. When I was in primary school at Teban Gardens Rd. My friends like to explore places that have unexplained things such as ghost,shadows & etc… My story goes like this..

This blk is going to be demolished soon. One day my friends wanted to explore this blk. There are eight of them went to the blk. THey were curious to know what is in there whether there is a ghost or not… They went there after school at about 1.30 pm. Firstly, they went up to floor 13 by using the lift (the lift was still werkin). When they reach to the 13th floor it was very dark. They went in house to house that have without door or gates.

When all of them is goin down floor to floor one of my fren saw a ‘PONTIANAK’at the staircase, he then shouted,”Pontianak,pontianak!!!”. When all of them heard him shouting, they ran as fast as they could. When they reached to the 4th floor they stopped. Then they continued exploring to the 4th floor. So they went into one of the house. Nasha (not real name) say some of the prayer before entering the house. When he wanted to go in suddenly someone pulled him from his back, he was scared and quickly ran towards the stairs. He saw Imah(not real named) was walking down the stairs and grabbed her hand and pulling her down the stairs. They went down to an old playground and sit tiredly as though they ran 10 round the blk. Both their face is red. Nasha then saw his hand covered with pure white liquid on both of his hand.

Suddenly, they saw the rest was goin down. He then show his hand that was filled with white liquid to the rest of his frenz. Some of the galz feel very dizzy and weak. So they decided to went home…

There will be the upcoming part of the story. So see yer all next same time,same place ….believe it or not…..?It’s a true story…..

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