Jurong west Blk 853

I moved into the five-room flat in Primary 4. In early Primary 5, I had my first encounter.

I was playing the piano whilst alone @ home. Suddenly, I smelt Jasmine flower. I know that jasmine indicates the presence of a ‘pontianak’. Unconvinced, I checked in the bathroom where my father sometimes places jasmine as a decoration. I found nothing. Terrified, i ran outside to my rabbit who backed away. Interestingly, he had never done this before and i could sense he was scared. It was then I started believing.

A few months later, i was in my parents’ room watching tv. From the top of my eye, i could see a woman dressed in white, with long black hair. She seemed to be looking down on me. Spooked, i ran out of the room.

Sometime later, my father bought a vintage poster of the ‘two girl brand’ toiletry poster. I would if i could swear that one of them was looking at me wherever i went. This is no case of the mona lisa.

Years passed and throughout, things happened! .. I can always feel that i am not alone and can sometimes see people watching me. Now, i’m in sec 2 and the worst happened. I was listening to ‘shakira’ on my computer when the clock radio went off. It wasn’t the alarm because that radio never rang a day before or after that. Besides, i never touched that clock in weeks. Terrified, i searched the house for my playful little brother who wasn’t yet home from school. I sprinted downstairs and waited with my maid for my brother’s school bus. Ah! speaking of my bro, when he was little, he started crying for no reason. I asked him why and he pointed to the empty doorway. I was FREAKED!

I need answers. Is it because of my father’s endless antique collection? Are spirits trapped along with them? And why did I smell jasmine? I’m eurasian, and where, if not from a spirit, did that smell come from?

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