Bukit Merah View Flat

X & Y were staying in those HDB 1-rm flat in Bukit Merah View (the type of flats with only old people staying alone), while waiting for the keys of their new flat.

One day, X was feeling very hungry in the middle of the night around 2.37am. He warmed up some fries in the microwave oven. “Ding”, the food is ready. While putting his hand in the oven to take out the fries, he sensed that somebody is looking over him and thought it was Y. Yes, you got it right! It wasn’t Y but an old man – half bodied old man.

X was too shocked with what he saw and didn’t even noticed that his hands are still inside the oven. He realised it only after feeling of burning pain and disappearance of the old man. X’s hand was red with blisters.

He woked Y up and started talking nonsense. Y, being annoyed for not able to have a good night sleep, sit up and asked X what is all about. Upon hearing it, Y was so mad and went to the kitchen and started talking to the old man, “I don’t care who you are, just don’t disturb us when we did not do you any wrong!” After saying this, Y felt a gush of cold wind shivered through her body.

The next day, they went to seek a medium’s help and was told that it was a wandering spirit and no ritual were conducted for him when he passed away. They were given some talisman to drink and paste at home.

True enough, upon checking with the neighbour the next day, the neighbour said that a lady was staying before X and Y shifted in, but shifted out within a short period for no reasons. And before that, a lonely old man who stayed there before the lady, had passed away and his body was left to rot until the smell was so terrible.

No wonder Y always complained that somebody is always staring at her.

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