Marsiling Road Blk 134

On some quiet nights or days, there would be sounds of people grinding something upstairs. You might think my neighbours upstairs are preparing something to eat, they are not. They talked to us on 23rd of Feb 2002 and ask us if we are the one who are grinding something. We are shocked, we didn’t use the granite grinder and occasionally there are sounds of “tock tock tock tock” coming directly from the ceiling above us. We thought it was them. We discussed that maybe other neighbours are grinding, but it’s impossible, if others are, we don’t hear it that loud. I asked one important question: Do you know what a granite grinder is? They don’t know what it is! Then my mother relates this to us all.

Some years ago, when my grandfather was still alive, my mother told me that in a week , police officers came knocking at my grandfather’s house about twice in a week due to complaints of someone grinding or making noise. But the problem is, my grandfather lives alone and he doesn’t do grinding to make food, he didn’t even have it in that rented house of his! On one occasion, we went to my grandfather’s house for Chinese New Year or something and then the police officers came knocking at the door. They told us to keep our volumes low as neighbours are complaining about the “racket we made”, but impossible, we are playing cards! Who could have possibly make a noise so loud that disturbs the neighbours downstairs? Okay we admitted once we are jumping around and they came up but the second time we see police officers coming to our grandfather’s house again. But we didn’t do anything! No loud volume, no jumping around, no loud music, now what did we do. My mother suspects that the rented unit is haunted. Whatever or whoever made that sound is a mystery. Our home has it, our grandfather’s home has it, has the spirit followed us home and create the same racket? We don’t know.

She also added that when each time my grandfather gets ready to go to bed, there’s a woman sitting at the edge of the bed massaging his foot! I wonder how about the one who might move in… who knows.

I can hear it now at this moment “tock tock tock tock” This is no joke, I think some of us might have experienced these before. But two neighbours discussing on something to make something stop, that’s not really something funny to laugh about. “

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