Choa Chu Kang Ave 5 Blk 486

If ever you find yourself alone and you hear the sound of slippers its best the you dont look around or look behind. Run as fast as you can. That sound is made the Pontianak herself.

Let me tell you how I know. For your information, I’m staying in Choa Chu Kang Ave 5 Blk 486. The Lim Chu Kang & Choa Chu Kang Cemetery is nearby & there’s a “forest” next to my block. It was on a Friday night, it was 3am. I just returned from one of the clubbing sessions with friends. I didn’t drink as I was driving. Better safe than sorry. I was feeling tired. I’m sure you guys know that if you come home late you can never find a good parking space in a HDB flat. You will end up having to park the car right at the top. So on that day, I parked my car on Level 5.

My flat is on the next block. Once in level 3, I heard the sound of slippers behind me. As if someone was walking behind me dragging their slippers away. I didnt turned back. I quicken my pace as I feel something wasnt right. The hair on my neck stands. The air was still but theres a sweet smell in the air once a while smells bad. Smells something like franjipani tree. I’m being muslim but somehow I didnt say any quran verses to fight my fear. I pretended nothing happened. They say these things are like dogs. They will know if you are afraid. I kept on walking till i reached my block. All this while I could hear the slippers sound behind. I never even once look back. This thing followed me all the way.

At the lift, I met my neighbour. He is an elderman about 45. He told me later he just returned from work. He is policeman. I said hi but he didint say anything. He ran towards me, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the lift. I was too stunned to ask anything. He asked me, “how are you?” I said, “ok”. He asked me, “You didnt see it?” I said, “See what?” He said, “Never mind, we talk tomorrow.” I know what he is going to tell me. When we reached 15th storey, out of nowhere we could hear dogs howling. We wasted no time & move in to his house. I slept in his house that night.

Next morning, I told him before I met him, I heard footsteps following me. Sound of slipper being dragged. He said he saw a pontianak standing behind me about 10 metres away. She was smiling. She must have followed me from the carpark. Then I asked him about the dogs howling. He said not to worry cos if u can hear the dogs that can only mean that the “thing” is far away. But if the dog is whinning that means the “thing” is nearby. No more late nights for me.

So people, the next time you hear the sound of dragging slippers, that could mean pontianak. So please whenever you walk with a slipper on, please dont drag you feet, sounds like pontianak walking.

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