Sembawang Close Blk 333

It was almost evening when this thing happened. Her mother was taking a bus. She noticed that there is only about 3 ppl in the bus. Since her stop was the last bus stop, she was alone in the bus. Then she alight. She thought she was alone, but she was surprised there’s another person alighted with her. The lady that she saw was wearing all white. She has been following her since ten minutes ago. Her mother was curious as why she was following her. She asked the lady where she wanted to go? The lady juz ignored her and faced the other side. Her mother juz ignore her and continue to walk.

When she turn back, she saw the lady without her legs!!!! Her mother got sooooooo scared and shocked. She was lucky that her block was nearby. She run to the lift. Fortunately, she ran into a religious teacher. She told him that someone was following her. He advised her to go home with him. They took the lift and she thanked the religious teacher and went into her house.

The next day……she opened the house door to throw the rubbish outside but….she was even more shocked because she saw a strech of blood from her house to the lift. Then she ran into a neighbour. She asked is there any religious teacher in this block because she want to give him a treat for saving her life.. but she feel uneasy when the answer was NO. Her mother have to trust her since she have been living in this block for 15 years.

The man remained mystery in her mind…………………..