Tekong Days

I was enlisted on 07/09/2005, Charlie Company Tekong School 1. PTP Batch. My section was the last section in the platoon and our bunk was the nearest to the toilet. Things were fine during the first few weeks after enlisting. But good days don’t last long.

I could see things but normally in shadow form if I see them and always will be disturb by them during my sleep, “pressing by them”. There were a few incidents which I was disturbed during my sleep and my section mates knew as we chatted about it during our free times. Therefore they will always update me and ask me whether there anything new. Below are some incidents that happened during the period in Tekong:

1) During 1 of the night, not sure why I was woken up, in order to get back to sleep, I tried to toss myself to face the window as my bed was in the middle of the room facing left is door and right is the window. After i tossed to the right, I vividly saw a shadow was squatting down on the bedside of my section mate and staring at him. I knew that shadow was a “visitor”, I quickly turned myself over to the other side of the bed and continue to sleep. The next morning, I did ask my section mate whether he felt anything and he said no. Therefore, we don’t think about it anymore.

2)Inside our bunk, right in the middle, there are 2 tables with 8 chairs for us to sit down and chit chat. Not sure why me again, I happened to wake up and saw a shadow sat at one of the chair. After realized that I was awake, he stood up and walked towards the wall and window. He just disappeared.

3) We went to range for night shooting. As we returned, since it was already late, our OC arranged us to take the toner back to our company. I will always choose to sit either the most inside or the last. During both return trip, our toner had to drive back the old swimming pool and old school. both trip, only I smelled the frangipani when the toner past the above places. I asked my mates the next day, they said they didn’t smell anything at all during the whole trips in the toner.

4) My last encounter in Tekong. Our light out timing for that night was 2230hrs. It was a Thursday night, if I’m not wrong, I settled myself down fast after RO and went to bed by 2220hrs. after light out, I was already on my bed facing the entrance about to sleep. Shortly, I realized that someone has turned on the light as my eyes were close but can still see the flash. I tried to open my eyes and sit up, but I can’t. I can’t even shout out, I knew I was been disturbed again. But this time round, a shadow stood up from 3 beds away from my and slowly walked toward my direction. While he was walking towards me, he was saying “why you did not help me?” , “why you did not help me?” , “why you did not help me?” I was in a shock as I never experienced such thing before as they talked to me. I tried my best to break free from it, but cant. only after he said the third time and he was next to my bed then i managed to break free and sat up on my bed. My buddy who was still packing up on the floor saw me suddenly sat up, he asked me whether I was alright, I replied in the weak form saying I’m ok. My section mates seeing and knowing that I was not the usual self, they turned on the light and checked with me what happened. I told them exactly what happen, and My PC just so happened that he was doing his round. He came into the bunk asking why our lights are still on after he check. My section mates told him that I was not alright. This case was recorded in my personal NS booklet….

After so many years, i still can remember what happen and curious about why that ghost is telling me that i did not help him…..

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