The Officer

This is a true story. After completing BMT, I was posted to a very tough combat unit. My company was pretty well disciplined and performed well in training and did not cause any trouble. So the officers were happy with us and left us alone. All the officers except one. He was a real prick and would look for excuses to punish us. He could not spot any mistakes and tried to pick on this guy who was a bit careless at times but was helpful and had a good attitude .

After a very tough exercise, the officer tried to pick on that guy again looking for excuses to punish the lot of us. He saw that guy had a very dirty back pack and asked him to wash the pack immediately. The guy was carrying signal equipment and was in line to return it, so he politely said sir just a few minutes more It is my turn soon. The officer said clean your pack now before the mud from it falls off and mess up the whole place. The guy took a clean trash bag from pack and put the pack in bag and said politely again the pack is wrapped up should not be a problem. The officer then got angry and yelled just think do what I say. Everyone turned and looked the guy said ok I will obey you because you are a officer but I do not see why the need to wash it now that I have it in a trash bag and the mud won’t fall off. I was at the end of the line and thought OH SHIT.

The officer flew into a rage and scolded the guy saying he was insubordinate and was in danger go getting charged. The guy kept quiet and said ok sorry can I go clean my pack now. The officer yelled again and said “I will be watching you, you take 2 extra for this.”

Later that evening , we were watching TV in the recreation room and that guy who got 2 extra suddenly shouted “may he die in a car crash,” I told him not to let that asshole get to him and next time just obey that idiot officer. He turned and looked at me and said ” LTA goh XX will die in car crash” then he got up and said quietly but such venom and malice that chills went down spine ” LTA goh xx will die in car crash ” he then repeated the curse 5 more times each time with a even voice. Everyone was shocked and just kept quiet. The guy walked our and went back to his bunk.

That asshole officer LTA goh xx died 6 months later 3 weeks before his ORD date in horrific car accident. He was driving home after sending girlfriend home on a Saturday night when a heavy tipper truck ran a red light and struck his car killing him instantly.

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