Spooky Encounter In Army

This is what I encountered during my time in the army. My company was Apache, former Gryphon company. It’s not exactly is ghost, just a spooky encounter. Anyway here goes :

During my 2 weeks confinement, I went bathing at 9.30pm. When I enter the toilet, I saw my friend at the basin washing clothes. I move on to the bathing cubicles, where I see one of which is already occupied. So I took the cubicles next to it and I started bathing.

As I bath, I noticed a metal frame spectacles on the L-shaped space where you’ll normally place your shampoo lah or such. (Our 1st 2 weeks a lot of people blur blur bring metal frame specs in, so it’s normal) Didn’t think so much because I already know that it’s already occupied next door.

Then as I finished, I wiped myself dry and was about to move out of the cubicles, I turned around and still see the spec there. Didn’t care much, I moved out of the cubicle.

Have a feeling that could it be someone left it there, like forgotten to take his spec? I turned back and see that ‘occupied’ cubicle, hey, the door thingy is green and it’s not occupied. I pushed open the door and went in, the spec is not there.

Feeling puzzled, I asked my friend, who is still outside washing his clothes.

“Eh, that cubicle de spec is yours de ah?”

“No leh, mine’s here”

“Hmm? Then just now got people come in take spec or not?”

“No?” He replied.

Feeling a bit odd liao, I asked him, “Just now I go in, got anyone just bathed and came out?”

He said, “No? Only you bathing what.”

Knew something is wrong, I just told him “aiyah, okay. I go sleep liao”…

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