Tekong Digging Trenches

There was once when we’re digging trenches in Tekong, as the usual assigned places were taken up by other platoons so we had to go the another alternate place which is 100+m more inside the the dense area.

At first when walking there, we’re not allowed to use torches or whatever, only to watch out and look at the guy in front while the sergeant of the group was the only one with the torch leading us in.

When digging, we felt rock particles almost everywhere (or is it cracked tombstones?) but we cant clearly see because each buddy system was only allowed to light a white candle.. so everywhere were white candles (geez..) That was the time me felt creepy and felt light breezes (how the breeze occurred in densed areas?!) and suddenly one platoon mate besides us started to cry for nothing, his knees became so soft that he just sat there and crumpled weeping away, that was the time when corporals and sergeant said in a calm manner “now ok lets call it a day and pack out things back to bunk. Need not cover the trenches, just pack and go..”

On way back, just heard platoon mate telling sergeant and corporals that while digging he felt something and when he raised his head to look, there is one while figure STARING at him!! Geez..Maybe its also the white candles that lured the creepy things?

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