Tekong Incident

I want to share a story. It’s about my friend actually who encountered over at Tekong island.

He was from a company starting with “W” and as every other recruit had heard ghost stories about Tekong isle some say theres this little girl on this company, some say there will be this guy who looks like the soldier of the bronze statue. He didn’t actually see those, but he has friend who did, but thats any story for another time. According to him, he was sleeping on his bunk when this happened. It was past mid night and he woke up due to having urgent matters to attend to. He heard boots digging sounds from the parade square. He was thinking that why would there be boots digging sound in the middle of the night? But as he was both tired and urgent to go to the toilet. He didn’t think much and just head off to the toilet. But the strange thing happen when he stepped out of his bunk. The boots digging sounds stopped… He looked down from his bunk into the company line…and theres nothing. He was kinda spooked by den, but he continued on to the toilet alone as he dun want to disturb his buddy sleep. He went into the toilet and as he was attending to his urgent matter. The boots digging sounds started again. N this time it got nearer and nearer. He was freaked out, he den finish his business and rushed out of the toilet into his bed and covered the blanket and tried to sleep. Soon its morning, n he didn’t heard the sounds again.

So maybe its him being too tired from training or maybe theres really something “special” going on.

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