Tekong – Whatever It Is

Throughout my 30 months in the Army, I cannot say i have actually seen any ghost but there were some strange encouters that I would like to share. This story is one of them:

Time: Jun 1994

Location: Tekong, a large clearing about 500m west of the East jetty pass the old school.

I was a 2LT assigned to setup a POW encampment. This include the command tent, the cage, MG positions and setup the patrols. All went smoothly that day. Everything was setup according to plan and by nightfall we have it operational. People that are not asleep in the tent were out on patrol or maning the MG post.

We setup the entire camp on the northside of the clearing, with vechicles running along (East-West) in the middle the north side was the best location given the high ground for the GM on the northsie at the edge of the clearing.

It was a beautiful night that night. Cool, clear night sky with a full moon. After finishing up my report and got my orders form HQ I was settling down to sleep, the time was between 11pm-12am (not very surenow, long time ago leh). Anyhow, nature call and have to go relieve myself. We all have to do it on the southern edge of the clearing for hygiene purposes (don’t shit where you eat theory). So it’s about 200-250 walk to that side.

When I finish my “small business” and was walking back to my tent, I felt something was not right. Like I was not alone.It was also very quiet that night. I couldn’t figure out what just a bad feeling. It was a clear sky with a bright moon so I can see clearly in all direction in the middle of that clearing. My command tent was no than 100m away and I know where all my soilders are. At this point I stop, as I notice I have 2 shadows. One of them keep on moving towards the POW encampment while I was standing still. I don’t know how long I looked at it. but it was moving slowly and growing larger as it move away.

Given the direction of the moon light my shadow was cast to my right. but that “thing” was on my left and I mistook it as my shadow.

anyhow, I slowly walk back to my Command tent and went to bed. The last thing my men would want is ther 2LT going crazy. Never figure out what it was. I cannot blame on fatigue cos it was an easy day.

Perhaps some one else has similar experience.

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