1997 Bravo Company

Hi all. I’m going to tell you all my experiences that have followed my all these time until now which i decided to tell my story.

I remember that day when i was enlisted in to Pulau Tekong for BMT training. Was scare and anxious. After all that hassle, i was finally deploy into Bravo company, bed 24 upper deck.

After the 1st bookout, my experiences begun.

Was trying to sleep after a day training at about 10am, lights off, everyone is asleep. I then tried to sleep tossing in my blanket and adjusting the mosquito net,

i finally closed my eyes and felt dozing off, then suddenly i heard chains and footsteps. I thought at 1st that it might be the platoon sg trying to play a prank on us. So i just remain “sleeping”. then suddenly i felt someone trying to climb up to my bed, it was actually trying to shove my off the bed, suddenly i heard the mosquito net string SNAP! and the mosquito net was uncovering me, and all of a sudden, it was terribly cold, i hear birds chriping, crickets making noise and alot more of other insects too, then i felt something pulling at my hair. i knew that this means it’s not my SG and it’s something else that is trying to push me off the bed! I try to resist by moving all your muscles so that i can prevent myself from falling. after about a few mins, i fell with a bounce on my bed! Guess i was floating or something, then i hear a low deep breathing sound near my face, and i can’t move at all. i suddenly remember that i have my rosary in my PT shorts small pocket and i started to pray hard. I heard a snap and i actually felt the thing jump away from my bed. staying motionless for about 5 mins, i heard my platoon mates sound and the lights is on, i finally decided to open my eyes and i knew that it’s going to be fall in time soon. As i hurried to wash my face, i was thinking what actually happen and whether is it just a dream, but when i wanted to take out my rosary to keep inside the locker, i then saw that it is broken into many tiny bits, like it was rolled over my a truck.. i then knew what actually happen but i then decided to carry on with training instead of telling this to my platoon mates. suddenly my platoon mates ask me that do i have bald head, i say no, but when i look at the mirror, the top of my head is totally bald, i then went to my bed and i saw that my bed have alot of hairs! i was shocked!

2nd book!

Before book in, i went to the church and bought another rosary and had it blessed by a priest. everything was normal and by the end of the day training, i was back on my bed sleeping with the mosquito net covering and this time i tied the mosquito tightly so that it will not break, i then place the rosary at the foot of the bed, so that it will shove away any “things”. same as always, i closed my eyes for a night rest after lights out. was sleeping for sometime when suddenly i heard the WHOLE bunk bed and locker shaking, the sound woke me up! my own locker was shaking and it sound like someone was trying hard to open my locker despite it being locked. i even hear boots being thrown here and there. i thought at 1st that it’s time to wake up and wash up, but i didn’t hear my buddy alarm clock went off. i dun dare to open my eyes, so i just stay put in bed. after so much noise, i could fell something hovering above me, swinging here and there, then i heard another snap and i hear my rosary fell to the floor, instantly the noise stop… soon after i dun dare to open my eyes and i knew i needed some sleep and i slept until wake up time. Then i saw my rosary on the floor broken into many bits. This time, i knew it’s real and i’m not dreaming!

2nd night. I lost my rosary and i was scared to go to bed, so i decided to go tell my platoon sg what actually happen, all i get from him is “don’t think so much, just go to sleep, don’t tell this to anyone else or you are going to sign 7 extras!” I then thought to myself “Sign Extras and stay here with the “thing”!” no way man! so i kept my mouth shut.

3rd book in.

i’m back armed with another rosary. same routine before i went to bed but this time i wear the rosary on my neck. slept for quite some time, i felt my bed shaking and it was really shaking hard like the thing wanted me to wake up and look at “him”.

i pretend to be asleep, then i felt it on my bed, i heard the strings tying the mosquito net snap and my blanket slide off me. i was being strangled and the “thing” face was so near me that i could hear it saying something.. but couldn’t make out anything. i couldn’t move and couldn’t breath. i then pray hard! then my rosary broke again! and everything stop. continue to sleep until wake up time. as i was jumping down from my bed, i heard another platoon mate talking about “disturbance”, i then proceed to hear. heard from him that he was strangled too. he also said prayers that made the thing go away. we then share our horrible experiences together and finally we knew we had a close encounter. got another platoon mate who heard us told us that he is going to a thai temple to get a talisman after bookout.

4rd Book in

Talisman was pasted on the entrance of the door, front and back door. went for training…

after a day training, i was too scare to goto bed, i really shiver when lights are turn off. this time, the whole bunk felt warm and hot, i felt a sense of peace, i then felt asleep until the next day.

last day before book out, my platoon sg saw the talisman and warn us not to place religous stuff into the camp and he torn off both talisman. i then knew that trouble was coming. Book out!

5rd book in

everything was same before lights off.

about same time, i could hear the thing coming, and it was shaking my bed. i tried to sleep and i dozed off. “maybe i was getting used to it”


I told sg what happen and this time he told me to approach my platoon officer.

this is what he told me…

“it’s yr bad luck that you have been assign that bed, there used to be a recruit who slept in that bed, he was so afraid of NS that he can’t handle the stress and when he got guard duties for the weekend, he hung himself on the ceiling fan which is just above yr bed.

Don’t tell this to anyone! or you will sign 14 extras!!”

i was speechless…

The shaking of the bed occur every night at the time, i could feel someone watching me.. I tried hard to work myself out so that i could sleep everynight.

I finally finish my BMT, and i could finally sleep well.

Could feel it on my bed when i leave the bunk during my last day.

I manage to have my hair grow back by applying some XO on it and it took me 6 months for it to have hair saplings.

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