I Still Remember It Clearly

For those who were in my batch, 5th mono intakes (FDS) doing the same duty tat night, you should know this.

After done with my night guard duty, i went back to my bunk for a shower. There were couple of wild dogs howling (not barking) near zone1 gate(abt 200m fm my bunk) where we (RP) doing our 24hrs guard duty. I ignored the howling noise, thinking maybe “dog making love, howling in pain” LOL….. So i walked back to control rm and sleep. Before i could lay down the bed, the alarm activated. All men full gears up and fall in. With my PC, leading over 8 men to the gate. While marching there, my PC told us just to act and follow SOP (standard ops procedures). I was puzzled. Then did i realized that we facing something else. When we marching near to the gate, our “tought” PC ended his speech and found him walking middle of the row, leaving ME leaded the group there. “what a PC he is….”

Outside the zone1 gate, was a old small chapel which only opens on sat & sun masses (but it was weekday tat night). By then, all the dogs were sitting down, quiet watching at 1 direction at the chapel. We formed a straight line aiming the rifles at the chapel. Out of sudden, all of us saw with our very own eyes, the chapel’s door opened, closed and lights on and all dogs started to howl again. I was stunned cos no-one was inside. I knew we cant do anything as my PC called off and we walked back.

Whenever I think of this incident,I only pitied my 3 mates who are doing the duty tat night, cos they cant leave the place.

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