The Apartment

This happened when my friends and I were still in high school, just a couple years back. At that time we had 1 week holiday and I decided to stay at my friend’s apartment for a week to accompany her. She lived at one of the apartments on River Valley, facing a busy street (I can’t remember what’s the name of the apartment) with her younger brother.

On the second day of my stay, her brother went back to Indonesia in the afternoon leaving the both of us in that cosy little apartment. My former boyfriend and us were supposed to go for a dinner and he came to pick us up. He was supposed to be there at 5 o’clock and being punctual as he was, he got there on time. My friend and I went to the window of her apartment, which was located on the fifth floor and waved at him. He saw us from across the street (bus stop) and I saw him walking to seven-eleven nearby (to return a call). About ten minutes later, me and my friend went down stairs to meet him and suddenly he asked me a very strange question. He asked me why we didn’t take my friend’s brother to eat dinner with us. I told him that he left this afternoon to the airport and there was only the two of us. I was really sure that he was aware of the fact that my friend’s brother had left that very day since we talked about it the night before. But he kept on insisting that he was there with us. Later he told me that after we waved at him and went back to the room, he saw a little boy wearing all white standing right next to where I was waving at just starring at him. So that’s why he thought that my friend’s brother was still there. If that’s not him, who was that? He swore on what he saw and we were pretty scared to go home that same night.

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