The Birthday Party

This thing happened 1 year ago. It was my mother’s friend birthday and decided to go to her house in bendemeer road for dinner. After having dinner, I, my mother, my mother’s friend, her 3 childrens and 2 teenage friends of her’s sat around in a circle and talked about pontainak. It was about 12.00pm in the midnite and all of a sudden, one of the teenage girl started talking in man voice. We were all stunned for a moment. Then we realized that the girl has been prossessed. She started laughing and hitting herself in the forehead. As my mother was priest and knew how to pray, she started praying and tried to chase the evil sprite out.

After a few seconds, a misty shape,( looks like a lady) came out of the body of the prossessed girl. It was looking at everybody trying to enter another person’s body, I think. AS I, my mother and my mother’s friend were wearing a chain which contained the name of our god, the sprite could not enter the body.

Then all of a sudden, the misty shaped figure zoomed past me, right to the main door, shutin the door as fast as a lighting. Phew… what an experience for me and my mother. And my advised to U my buddy, never talk about pontainak at nite and if do, there’s a nick name for it.

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