The Evils

There was one time when my family & relatives were going camping. We were so excited that time. We prepare our things for the 3 days 2 night camp. When we reached at the Pasir Ris Beach, it was already about 5 in the evening. We play games and so ever. That night, it sound very eerie. Suddenly, my mother aged 30+ wanna go to the washroom. My maid accompanied her there. When they got back, their face was as white as sheet. They told us that when they were at the washroom, they heard strange noises. My mother heard there was somebody in the next cubicle washing dishes. Thinking that it was other people from the camp washing dishes, she ignore it. But, to our astonishment, my maid said that it was somebody bathing. They heard diff. noises at one time!!!! That night, the children including me, can’t sleep well after listening to the story told by my mother and maid. But around 2a.m, I fell asleep.

Early next morning, I woke up before everyone woke up. It was very quiet that time as many campers are still snoring. I was about to get a drink for myself when I saw a black figure walking or either floating towards the beach when it suddenly vanished!!!! I stood there for a moment and walk back to my tent and sleep. Only this time it was rather uneasy. Nothing happened that day except for the black figure I saw floating that morning. I kept it as a secret. But I wanna to tell you.

The next morning, I woke up. Same time…..only this time, almost everybody was awaken. I went out of the tent, and chat with my relatives. I asked them why they awake early in the morning. One of my relatives said that there was a figure outside his tent and was trying to get in. He read some verses from the Al-Quran and the knocking stop and the figure vanished into thin air. It seems that the figure is something that is scared of holy verses. I said in my heart,”Oh, my god, what a day”

I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was my uncle. He asked me to go to the washroom and refill the pail of water he handed to me. When I reached there, I quickly turn on the tap and refill the pail. Suddenly, I felt there is someone behind me. I turn and noticed there is an old lady standing there. After I refill the pail, I was about to turn and allow the old lady to refill her own pail(She brought a pail with her) when the lady vanished!!! I walk to my camp when a lady in the same suit as the lady I saw in the washroom appeared. She was smiling at me. I tried to smile back but I fell as my lips was locked.

From that day onwards, I feel the camping I went is as if we were going out to search for ghosts. It is called nature…………..

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